Choctaws take back your nation


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You, like me, are Choctaw. You were raised with a strong connection to your people. We remember when the Choctaw Nation was not always as prosperous as it is today. That didn’t matter because we couldn’t and wouldn’t want to change who we are.

We have had some not so great Choctaw leaders. Leaders who were more concerned with abusing their power than empowering their people. We think because our current leadership isn’t so obvious about their behavior that we are doing okay. From the outside we are doing okay. Our tribe is debt free and thanks to Texans not voting for gaming we prosper.
Choctaws listen to me carefully. I would bet money you know a Choctaw who has lost their job, demoted in their job or a Choctaw who faces frequent abuse from a supervisor, manager, director or executive director. Especially if that supervisor above you is non-Choctaw.
Have you ever wondered why very few Choctaws actually have positions of influence, of true influence. The kind of influence that changes the tribe for better or worse. It’s almost as if we are good enough to clean the floors (believe me that’s an important job – this is just an example) but we aren’t good enough or smart enough to have others report to us about how clean the floors are.
Ultimately it is up to us – Choctaws who are raised Choctaw, Choctaws who were maybe not raised Choctaw but felt Chahta blood in their veins so they sought out their brethren and became a true Choctaw – it is time for us to control our own tribe. To do that we must become a voting block. Our votes must count toward a Chief and especially an Assistant Chief who know that the future of the Choctaw Nation lies in the power of people who have inborn love of the Choctaw people and their is no non-Choctaw who knows what that means. Non-Choctaws can’t help that they cannot begin to feel the kind of love for the people I am talking about.
Dear Choctaw People we must take our nation back.
If you have lost your job, been demoted or experience harrassment because you are Choctaw I beseech you get angry and show that anger at the poles. Send me your story and lets keep track of our Choctaw Nation jobs that are going to non-Choctaws. We can track the loss of employment by our own people by first having a total number then dividing that number by districts. This way our voices will no longer be muffled. We can vote out those who do not take care of us.


Written by tecumsehwarnschoctaw1

December 9, 2011 at 3:49 am

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